Bowers MX Racing
Bowers MX
250 BEGINNER: 1.Seth Schulte 2.Brayden Sutherland 3.Tucker Brofft 4.Dakota Carter 5.Brodie Keplinger
250 INTERMEDIATE: 1.Jose Ceja 2.Mason Maahs 3.Tyler Petty
250 NOV: 1.Joshua Errington 2.Aaron Bowers 3.Stephen Menke 4.Andrew Richard 5.Stephen Cameron
250 PRO: 1.Vance Wofford 2.Zack Crow 3.Kalvin King
450 BEGINNER: 1.Ryan Ackley
450 INTERMEDIATE: 1.Mason Maahs 2.Joey Lopez 3.Jose Ceja
450 NOV: 1.Connor Shoughnessy
450 PRO: 1.Vance Wofford 2.Dustin Burnam 3.Kalvin King
50cc 4-6: 1.Ky Keadle 2.Bryson Ray 3.Daric Johnson 4.Jax Redline 5.Clyde Lindsey
50cc OPEN: 1.Ky Keadle 2.Bryson Ray 3.Daric Johnson
65cc 6-8: 1.Payton Jennings 2.Bryson Murrack
65cc 9-11: 1.Ethan Woodard 2.Brevan Brown
65cc OPEN: 1.Payton Jennings 2.Bryson Murrack 3.Ethan Woodard
85cc 7-12: 1.Deonte Woodard 2.Anthony Walker 3.Breken Matlock 4.Gage Lindsey 5.Jordan Posey
BEGINNER OPEN: 1.Brodie Keplinger 2.Ryan Ackley 3.William Price 4.Seth Schulte 5.David Woody
NOVICE OPEN: 1.Stephen Cameron 2.Branson Brown 3.Austin Ford 4.Connor Shoughnessy 5.Bryce Brown
OPEN OUTLAW: 1.Joshua Errington 2.Joey Lopez 3.Donathan Gregory
OVER 40: 1.Bill Luedecke 2.David Woody
SCHOOL BOY THRU 17: 1.Jose Ceja 2.Aaron Bowers 3.Andrew Richard 4.Blake Brown 5.Branson Brown
SUPERMINI: 1.Deonte Woodard 2.Brice Stevenson 3.Brandon Walker 4.Anthony Walker 5.Breken Matlock
COLLEGEBOY 18-25: 1.Mason Maahs
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  Phone: 806-671-7010
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